How to Design Word Art in Silhouette Studio

Don’t you just love all the adorable word art you see everywhere you go? Take a look at Pinterest or a trip to the local store and there are fun phrases, quotes and sayings all over the place. Some are cut out of vinyl, others are printed, and some are an online graphic. You can create these fun phrases in Silhouette Studio (even if you don’t have a Silhouette machine). You can download the software for FREE and use it to create printable projects! Once you have this amazing program all you need is some fun fonts to work with. I have to admit, I collect a lot of fonts so I have plenty of options when I start working on a project. I like to get them at a good price like the ones over at FontBundles.

While word art may look easy to create, it can be time consuming and a little overwhelming with when you actually start working on one. How do you combine fonts effectually to create hierarchy and visual interest? There are some graphic design rules to follow that can help you combine fonts in a pleasing way. Hopefully these tips will help when you tackle your next typography project!

Be sure to watch the video tutorial HERE as I demonstrate how to design this cute word art…


Create contrast by combining fonts that are different but compliment each other. However, remember that one of the fonts should take the lead and the other should be a supporting font.

  • Combine different styles like serif/san serif.
  • Combine fonts with different moods like modern/classic or formal/informal.
  • Combine different font weights such as a heavy headline with a lighter body font.


Create harmony by combining fonts with similar elements.

  • Combine fonts with similar moods.
  • Combine fonts with similar proportions such as x-height, ascenders /descenders, and kerning (the space between the letters).
  • Limit the color scheme to a range of harmonious colors (use the color wheel).

A couple of rules of thumb: 

  • Avoid combining multiple san serif fonts unless they are very different from one another.
  • Avoid combining multiple script fonts because they are so strong that they will compete with each other.

Creating your own word art can be so rewarding! You can really make some fun projects out of phrases and words when fonts are combined properly. Follow these tips I’ve given you, use your own creative judgment, and have fun!

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Have a great day!

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